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Bag Phlebotomy Certification for a rewarding healthcare career


Phlebotomy is the training of drawing blood from patients and taking the blood specimens to the laboratory to provide for testing. Numerous established institutes offer the Phlebotomy Certification Training in NY to help students discover bright career prospects.

Why is Phlebotomy Certification Training Necessary?

In order to start the career as a Phlebotomy technician, it’s quite essential to get the required certification.

  • Without your phlebotomist certification, grabbing a job is nearly impossible.

  • It’s getting very difficult all the time as most employers’ preference is to pick those who have earned a credential.

  • Thus, you can quickly get into the medical field

  • Enjoy practicing skills in the classroom for real-world experience

  • You have the option to earn the relevant experience for a career in health care

The Phlebotomy Certification Training program is designed to offer a solid base in the following areas:

  • Controlling Infection

  • Anatomy as well as physiology of the human heart

  • Certain medical terms

  • Collection procedures unique to blood

  • Analysis of printout from EKG machine

  • Effectively running an EKG machine

  • Understand as well as distinguish the different forms of Arrhythmias

  • Properly identify Myocardial Infarction changes on an EKG report

  • Procedures for Phlebotomy

  • Collection procedures for specimens other than blood


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Must To Have Traits That A Phlebotomist Should Possess


If you are planning to pursue a phlebotomy technician training, then you are surely on the right track provided you pursue quality phlebotomy training from NYC or anywhere else. Demand for phlebotomy technicians are consistently increasing, so it is very important to stay ahead of the competitors.

Apart from this, it is very essential that a phlebotomist acquire certain traits that are must for a phlebotomist to become successful.

Following are some of the important traits of a successful phlebotomist-

  • Passion to work-the most important trait of a successful phlebotomist is his passion towards his work. This profession for sure requires professionals who are passionate towards their work, so make sure you possess this quality.
  • Responsible towards patients-a good phlebotomist are always responsible for taking care of their patients. It is very important to note that the sign of good treatment starts from the early initiative taken by the phlebotomist. He has to involve himself doing certain tasks such as right patient identification, performing correct venipuncture procedures and to label evacuated tubes. If in case there is any mistake in the procedure carried out by him, could be detrimental for patients. Patient can be misdiagnosed, can contain contaminated blood specimens or can be diagnosed with such medical ailment that may not exist.
  • Professionalism-Another important trait of a successful phlebotomist is that he is not only knowledgeable but also at the same time skilled and professional who dedicatedly works on day-to-day.
  • Patience-most importantly, a successful phlebotomist has a quality of being patient. On daily basis, a phlebotomist has to deal with countless patients that come from distinct cultural backgrounds and age groups, so patience is an important trait that a phlebotomist must possess. Patience helps the phlebotomist at the time when he is unable to adapt himself with the patient or understand his request due to certain barrier of language. This trait is also beneficial for phlebotomist at times of venipuncture procedures performed for infants, children or elderly people.

However, you can learn these qualities only if you get proper training from a reputed training center. The center that not only provides theoretical training but also at the same time allows the students to adapt these qualities in themselves so that later on they don’t face any problems.


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Why choose phlebotomy as a career option?

11The incision in a vein with a needle in order to remove blood for a particular treatment is known as phlebotomy. It is becoming one of the fastest growing career options. There are number of universities that are providing phlebotomy training in NYC. The time when this technique was not introduced, leeches were used for removing blood from the body.

Major roles of a phlebotomist

The primary roles of phlebotomist include –

  • Taking blood specimens for testing

  • Converse with patient and other lab workers well

  • A phlebotomist must be aware of all the medical terms

  • Must be sure that the blood samples are taken correctly and properly.

  • Familiarity with all the required tool

  • Must be aware of all the clerical skills

  • Performing electro cardiology (ECG).

What are the characteristics of a phlebotomy technician?

A phlebotomy technician must include have the following characteristics –

  1. Dependability– They should always be ready to work and should be punctual to work.

  2. Integrity – A phlebotomist must be honest, loyal and should have pride in the work that he is doing.

  3. Compassion – This means that he/ she should be sensitive to patient’s needs and fears.

  4. Self confidence– This is one of the main characteristics they must possess. This includes self-confidence and trust in one self’s decisions and judgment.

  5. Communication skills – he/she should be able to communicate efficiently with patients and co- workers.

A phlebotomist technician can work in many health care facilities such as-

  • Physician’s office laboratories

  • Urgent care centers

  • Nursing home facilities

  • Wellness clinics

Advantages of choosing phlebotomy as a career

There are number of advantages which are as follows-

  1. High demand– There is a great demand of a phlebotomist therefore it has become a career option among large number of students.

  2. Salary – This field provides good salary to experience as well as fresher candidates. One can earn more with experience and additional training.

  3. Challenging – Despite all this, a phlebotomy career can be challenging. It may not be an easy task to work as a phlebotomist.

Overall, a phlebotomist is a good career option. It is practical and fast paced with great opportunities in the future.


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In Which All Duties You Need Excel To Become An Expert Phlebotomist?

p3If you want to be a part of medical field, phlebotomist may be the job for you. You would be responsible for carrying out extensive duties in a health care center. Working in such a job profile will be a real fun and at the same time rewarding.

As a phlebotomist, you will be responsible for drawing blood from patients, delivering blood to laboratories for testing, and maintaining reports. On a daily basis, you will come across numerous patients that may comprise of babies, children, young adults and elderly patients.

Following is the detailed description about the duties of a phlebotomist in which you need to excel-

  • Explaining procedure to patients and assuring they are not nervous about the process
  • Performing blood tests by venipuncture
  • Maintains specimen of patient by using aseptic technique
  • Labeling blood samples
  • Sending blood samples to test laboratories
  • Maintaining logs of patients accurately
  • Verifying test reports of patients with laboratory personnel
  • Maintaining daily tallies of specimen collections
  • Monitor glucose levels of patients
  • Entering test results to the computer
  • Maintaining results and reports, if needed changes
  • Maintaining healthy work environment
  • Keeping the standards and procedures of health center up to the mark
  • Complying with legal regulations and adhering to professional standards
  • Resolving issues of test orders by contacting the respective associated person like physician, pathologist, nursing station, or reference laboratory
  • Adhering hospital policies and procedures
  • Staying up to date with changes in medical field

In addition to this, a candidate requires to have few other qualities-

  • Good writing and speaking skills
  • Good listening ability
  • Awareness regarding health standards
  • Team working skills
  • Work patiently under pressure
  • Keeping confidential information safe

However, to excel in the aforementioned duties, a candidate require going for a phlebotomy training program either in NYC or elsewhere.

The training comprise of both classroom and hands on training session, which is carried out for approx. six months. During the classroom session, candidate gets aware with theoretical knowledge, while during hands on training session candidate gets acquaint with real time environment of health care center that include method of blood collection and labeling, explaining health procedures to patients, assuring they are not nervous and more.

After training candidate awarded with certificate that allows the person to get good job opportunity and work in the health care center on a designated position.


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