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Become A Certified EKG Technician In 2 Easy Steps

ekgtechtrainingDo you know who certified EKG technicians are? Do you know what you need to do to become one? No? EKG Technicians are the medical specialists who are responsible for operating the ECG machines and performing electrocardiogram on patients. These specialists work in a rewarding medical field that is projected to grow more than 25% in upcoming years. Did that fact pique your interest?

Yes? You can also become a certified EKG technician in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 – You should advance towards this profession with EKG technician training. This program or training is essential for your career as it provides you the vital knowledge of this field.

The program covers all EKG related topics such as electrocardiography, heart structure & functionality, cardiovascular health problems, job duties of these technicians, ethical & legal considerations in this field, Holter monitor, ultrasound cardiography, stress tests etc.

In this program, you also get to learn how to operate the ECG machine, how to recognize reportable abnormalities and how to perform electrocardiogram on patients. Training in the maintenance (cleaning and storing) of ECG machine is also included in this program.

Step 2 – Certification is the second step in the direction of a successful career in healthcare industry. After completing your training, you need to go for the National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA) certified EKG technician (CET) examination. You can also obtain credentials to perform the Holter monitoring and stress testing with CET. In just two days, you can get your results and within two weeks, you can get your printed certificate.

In these 2 easy steps, you can become a certified professional, who is trained and ready for the job duties in healthcare facilities as an EKG technician. Whether you seek full time employment or part time job, following these two steps is essential to build a successful medical career.

Demand for EKG technicians is increasing rapidly in the healthcare industry. Benefit from this opportunity and forge a successful career as an EKG technician with proper training and certification.


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How EKG Technician Courses Have Opened Up Doors Of Employment For Students?

Undoubtedly, among so many medical courses that students pusue, EKG technician training in NYC is one such course that has opened doors for many medical students or for those who are planning to become part of healthcare.11822271_10153127255792399_3452629055818050434_n

An EKG technician is the one who works as a member of the healthcare team particularly a licensed physician or a registered nurse in the cardiac care center. EKG technician is an unlicensed professional who has to perform various medical procedures.

Therefore, the students who are willing to work in a fast-paced medical environment can go for this profession, as they can expect a lot in coming years. They will not only get the opportunity for strong job growth but will get a handsome salary, which they can enjoy throughout their profession.

As a technician, the professional will have to perform a number of jobs that include from performing functions of electrocardiograms, telemetry, gauging vital sign of the patient and maintaining record, maintaining medical history through documentation process, and a variety of other tasks performed in the routine.

These services performed by the EKG technician are considered as an essential part of patient care and one needs to remain focused on their task. They almost work as a right hand of the nurses and physicians. They assist them to evaluate the test results so that they are able to treat the patient with normal as well as complex medical issues.

This collaborative effort made by the technician helps the physician to offer higher quality care to the patient along with producing better health outcomes or the patients.

However, in order to become an EKG technician, it is essential to procure EKG training from a reputed training center so that you become a successful and a skilled EKG medical professional.

Not all but few of the training centers take pain to provide top-notch education to the students. Some of them do not even include hands on training as part of their course and even exclude little bit of the syllabus. Therefore, it is advisable to look around or surf on the internet and search for some of the reputed training centers in order to become part of top health care centers in the world by procuring high quality training.


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Aspects you need to be clear with, before going for EKG technician training

Multitude of people is a part of heath care team that includes medical assistants, medical lab technicians, sonographers, nurses, and doctors. Beside all these health specialists, EKG technicians are a part of team.

clinical-solutions-bannerWe all are aware with the basic duties of EKG technician that include interacting with patients and conducting their EKG tests. But a student interested in pursuing EKG technician course, is he aware of other aspects like training, education, and curriculum?

Before going for EKG technician training program, student needs to get acquaint with four essential courses, which are as follows-

Introduction to Electrocardiograms – As EKG technician job involves conducting EKG test, a student pursuing this course require to gain basic knowledge about Electrocardiograms. During the course, student will learn how to perform, handle the equipment and how to use the equipment. Besides this, patient safety is also an important factor that is taught during the course.

Introduction to electronic health records– Health record information of patient in electronic form is called electronic health records (EHR). Every health care center requires maintaining these records. During the course, student learn how to make these records, how to read an EHR and working of electronic health-record system.

Cardiovascular Anatomy and Pathology– As EKG is done to test the heart, for a student pursuing this course, there is need to understand about the working of heart. The course focuses on understanding of cardiovascular anatomy and pathology. In other words, cardiac cycle and variety of heart diseases and heart functioning.

EKG Externship – With the completion of learning program, student require to go for hands on training session. This helps students to experience real working environment (work with medical staff and patients). Thus going through training program will help students to test their skills pursued during the learning program. Alongside classes, real-world training helps build confidence of students that prepare them for the future success.

From the above stated information, you must have gained knowledge about the curriculum of EKG training.

After completing the training program, student will get certificate that will help him acquire good job opportunity. So, if you want to make your career in this profile, then make sure you have pursued quality learning. This is only possible if you search for good training institute in your city.


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What are the medical skills required to become EKG technician?

vvEKG technicians are in demand these days. Other names for EKG technicians are cardio graphic technicians or electrocardiogram technicians. They carry out diagnostic tests to help doctors to identify and treat cardiovascular troubles in patients.

These diagnostic tests are carried out in order to help the patients to detect the irregularities that may occur and result in heart disease. They have to perform duties like explaining actions to patients, monitor patients’ blood pressure etc. these technicians are hired for providing medical facilities in shifts that may be either at night till morning, in the evenings, days or weekends.

EKG technician training in NYC is either assigned to work in, hospitals, physician office, or at any of the healthcare organizations. Also some of the EKG technicians are also employed for insurance companies to offer health data and life insurance policy.

To attain their career in the same field EKG technician is preferred to hold a certification. Although it is not compulsory to gain a certification, but it can help to get on the job training even if you don’t carry a formal degree along with you.


These technicians carry out electrocardiograms to gauge and trace heart related activities as it is the good way to diagnose and treat these diseases. Some of them are trained to work on monitors or stress test-

Monitor- Electrodes are attached to patient’s body so as to attain EKG reading. The monitor will track heart of the patient for 24 hours, while the stress test involves using a treadmill to study how a patient’s heart responds to physical exertion.

Stress test- EKG technician work in assortment of places such as hospital, cardiac rehab centers, doctor’s clinic or emergency rooms, doctor’s clinics.

Duties of EKG technician can either be at clinical level, administrative level or at clerical level which includes as following-

Clinical level-

  • Find vital signs that may be seen in patient’s body

  • To calculate height and weight of the patient

  • Arrange examination area

  • Carry out electrocardiography on the patient’s body

  • Should very well understand the responsibility as an EKG technician

  • tools required for sterilization and disinfection

Administrative level-

  • As an administrator he should handle medical records

  • Should schedule appointments for the patients

  • Updating and maintaining all the records of the patients

  • Keep the record of all the medical tools.

Clerical level-

The role at clerical level may be to maintain hygiene in the examination room.


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Computers have revolutionized the way everything happens!

The computers from past three decades have helped in revolutionizing our lives. The presence of computers has made sure that we conduct day-to-day activities in the easiest manner. The revolution brought forward many of the things, which we have not thought of. The kind of level of help we are able to draw with the help of computers is commendable.

The computers have not only helped in our lives but they have also helped in making sure that more number of people is employed. Remember the times, when there was tug of war between the Intel and IBM over the processors. It led to the innovation of the products, the products, which have affected our lives in a different way.

The role of computers have played in the recent times is commendable. Apart from the service, in today’s era, the computers have made their virtual presence as well. The virtual accounts have helped in saving some of the prominent resources like transportation and logistics, etc. The enabling of the virtual courses is only done with the help of professionals. The professionals trained in the related courses have a great say in the open market.

A lot more things are dependent on these virtual accounts and to manage these accounts, there is requirement of the professionals. The professionals, who are responsible for handling and managing these accounts. The preparation done by these professionals is immense. A lot more goes in the learning process of these computer professionals.

The institutes providing these courses to the students make sure that they provide such a curriculum to the students, which helps in overall learning for the students. The designation of the curriculum is such, which makes sure that the students are able to go through all the processes without any hassles.

The learners need to go through rigorous exercise, which makes them capable of handling any sort of project without any hiccups. The computer courses at the institutes include computer networking courses, SQL, JAVA, Mode Operation and other related activities from software to hardware.

After completion of the curriculum, the students are facilitated with the certification. This certification ensures that they hit the placements in one of the renowned companies like IBM, Honey well or Oracle. The institutes even provide placement assistance to the students. The alumni of these study centers are already working in one of the renowned companies in the world.


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Can training in computer networking, ensure a lucrative career ahead?

Undoubtedly, yes! As IT sector has gained a pace in the market today, many candidates today are applying for this lucrative career option.

However, if you have any doubt regarding this fact here are few points that will help clear your queries (whether the course is beneficial for you or not).

If you consider going in this field, but have doubt that whether it would be a right career choice for you or not, then read the few advantages of computer networking training course that are mentioned below in this document-

  • Certification matters a lot in every field. Gaining certification in computer networking helps candidate to enter into the field of IT easily.
  • With improved job prosperity, candidate also gets opportunity to get good salary package.
  • Candidates who want to earn recognition in the industry, they can easily make through via computer networking course, as this is a major part of IT sectors.
  • A networking specialist get to learn how to attain, store, share, retrieve, access and modify information, which helps him gain good knowledge about whole lot of things.
  • If one is running their own business, then gaining knowledge as a network expert helps them to improve their overall business efficiency because if any network problem get erupts they can easily solve it without wasting much of time for any expert.
  • An individual gets to know how to secure private information of their clients.
  • It is a time savvy training program, which is likely not possible in any other IT course. Thus, one can get completed with their course within a month and get hold of a good job.
  • In addition to the factor of time savvy training, this course is not too costly. Thus, one can easily afford it.

However, choosing a good institute in the vicinity is a major question that arises here, if one has made mind to pursue this course. Few factors that you must consider in concern to this are board certified & authentication of institute, skilled lecturers and hands-on experience imparted by institute.

From all these aforementioned points, your doubts regarding the advantages of pursuing this course must have got cleared. Subsequently, this is the reason why candidates today are pursuing certification in computer networking. Therefore, if you want to enter into a good IT company, then it is a good option to go through.



Various aspects of medical assistant training

Medical assistant training is designed to hone student’s skills and knowledge needed to work as a medical associate. With increase in medical facilities, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable healthcare aides is increasing accordingly.

Training for healthcare associates consists of theoretical knowledge of various topics related to medical assisting. In addition to this, it also consists of practical or laboratory practices that an individual must be familiar with before applying for the job. Apart from institutional training, every training program ends up with an internship period.

The type of practices a candidate will perform depends upon the type of medical assisting stream he/she will choose to go with. Based upon the duties and responsibilities associated with this job-profile, training can be categorized as follows:

Clinical: The clinical aspect of medical associate education includes all subjects that related to duties that clinical assistant performs. The duties associated with this type of job-profile include taking vital signs like body temperature, measuring pulse rate, taking blood pressure etc., taking X-rays, help patients in understanding medical procedures and treatment, disposal of contaminated medical tools, collect and prepare lab specimens, sterilization of machines and equipment etc.

Training teaches student how to perform these tasks effectively at the same time following the medical rules and terminologies. The lecture-based part of training includes medical terminology, clinical procedures, first aid, human anatomy and physiology, medical law and ethics, pharmacology, and more.

Administrative: The administrative aspect of healthcare aide education covers all subjects related to the administrative part of healthcare assisting job. The duties associated with this type of job-profile include answering phone calls, preparing insurance claims, maintaining records of patients, set up communications with insurance companies, preparing and processing of patents’ insurance claims, handling of claim denial, and more.

During certification, student learns to perform these duties effectively. The lecture-based part of administrative aide education include keyboarding and computer applications, record-keeping and accounting, billing and coding techniques, electronic health records, mathematics, and more.

After completing lecture and practical education practices, students has to complete internship period in which they work with physicians and other medical professionals in real-world facilities. This way, students get familiarity with work performed at real-world medical facilities before actually joining them.

Upon completing training, the related college or school issue certificate to the candidate. A certified aide can work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, private practices, and out-patient facilities.