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Become an Advanced Networking Professional With the Help of Cisco Networking Course


Cisco offers various professional-level credentials to those who want to become IT professional. There are some Cisco Networking Courses that are required when you enter in the networking profession. CCNP is one of the programs, which is picked by many individuals. The global mobile data traffic has been increased almost four times in last one decade. It evokes the demand for wireless network professionals and other experts. As a result, the networking courses are gaining more importance.

What is CCNP?

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is a one year course that includes various important topics which mainly target knowledge mainly related to wireless and networking. The course also includes the work experience and hand on training that takes you to the next step and advances into more complex network tasks.

Purpose of the CCNP course-

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) confirms the abilities of a person to install, administer and troubleshoot a local and wide area networks i.e LAN and WAN. The team that is required to provide advanced security to the network include a number of experts. Basically, CCNP is an advanced version of CCNA course that teaches you advanced concepts of network administration. Some common topics that you will cover under CCNP training course are-

  • Network security
  • Handling Converged networks
  • Manage IP information flow with Cisco routers
  • Implementing advanced features, such as- QoS, or Quality of Service
  • Deploy scalable routing protocols: EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP
  • Setting up a VPN, or Virtual Private Networks
  • Managing networks with node size from 100 to 500 nodes

Benefits of CCNP Course-

Apart from enhancing knowledge and technical skills, CCNP course scales up an individual’s employability by adding a credible certification to the profile. Mostly, employers prefer the one who has the Cisco certified course over the one who doesn’t. Career opportunities are expanding specifically for senior level wireless engineers and so is the salary. According to the Salary Guide released by Robert Half Technology in 2016- an IT staffing agency, professions working in the wireless and networking field can expect a 9.7 percent increase in starting pay in the coming year. This was the highest increase in starting salary for all IT jobs in the salary guide.
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Boost Your Career With CompTIA N+ Certification


Information Technology is a booming sector. The demand for PC and network support staff is increasing drastically in the United States of America, as businesses depend on their technical guidance and abilities. Because the whole world is depending on the technology, the service providers really require skilled and qualified IT professionals who are able to maintain the systems.

CompTIA Network+ Certification is a basic level course that certifies an individual’s proficiency to install, manage, configure and troubleshoot basic network infrastructure. Network+ Certification is a vendor-neutral credential that is part of the major certifications of technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, etc.

What will you learn?

The Network+ certification covers a wide range of vendor-neutral networking technologies that can also serve as a necessity for vendor-specific IT certifications. The certification is created to provide students with the fundamental knowledge used to design and implement a network. The Network+ Certification course also prepares individuals for the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam. Following are some of the main topics that are covered under this course.

  • Various functions, purposes, and features of different network components
  • Different layers of the OSI model
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Software and Hardware Tools
  • Detail explanation of the purpose, function, and use of the protocols used in the TCP/IP
  • Distinguish the basic characteristics of different WAN and internet access technologies
  • Select the appropriate network utility given a troubleshooting scenario
  • Identify and describe the purpose and function of various protocols,  firewalls, proxy service, security protocols, authentication, customer’s PC, etc.

Benefits of Network+ certification- There are many benefits of this course. The course gives you the fundamental knowledge of networking concepts. Moreover, it emphasizes the integration of available software and hardware. It is easy to learn whereas other certification courses are much tougher to learn. It is one of the most demanded certifications in the IT industry. Highly reputed companies like- Dell, HP, and Sharp prefer the technicians who have a CompTIA Network+ certification. The N+ certification course is recognized in almost all companies.

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