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Medical Assistant Training – A Link Between Doctor And Patient

A medical assistant has the approach, with the correct training, experience, and qualifications, to make a transition and cross train into a number of pleasing and demanding health care careers.


It is very true that the medical assistant plays a vital role in any country where nurses and medical professionals depend mainly on experienced and qualified individuals to work very basic tasks like checking a patient’s blood pressure, documenting medical histories, and contacting patients for the first office visit. These basic tasks, amongst others, are very important in the accurate care of a patient.

Students will need to undergo a medical assistant training program completed at an accredited institute. The programs of training are available from an array of community and career colleges across the nation. The period of a training program at one of these career colleges usually lasts one to two years and students get industry-specific training on proper administrative and medical office processes.

Basically, the objective of these programs is to make students ready for a job that engages extending a helping hand to the doctors. It is a combination of daily administrative tasks with clinical duties. Students need to be quick in making wise decisions and be capable of doing numerous tasks at once.

Most assistants work directly under a professional physician. They are crucial to the efficient accomplishment of the doctor’s tasks to offer accurate healthcare to the patient.

Some of the tasks that they need to do on a daily basis are:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Medical record keeping
  3. Patient billing
  4. Completing insurance-related documents and paperwork
  5. Preparing patients for laboratory tests
  6. Direct patient contact

Apart from these works, there are certain states in the United States that permit these assistants to do blood work and do X-ray tests given that they pass a few licensing exams. Medical assistants are also essential to the progress of every hospital and of every healthcare service extended to the patient. They serve as the link between doctors and patients.

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