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In Which All Duties You Need Excel To Become An Expert Phlebotomist?

p3If you want to be a part of medical field, phlebotomist may be the job for you. You would be responsible for carrying out extensive duties in a health care center. Working in such a job profile will be a real fun and at the same time rewarding.

As a phlebotomist, you will be responsible for drawing blood from patients, delivering blood to laboratories for testing, and maintaining reports. On a daily basis, you will come across numerous patients that may comprise of babies, children, young adults and elderly patients.

Following is the detailed description about the duties of a phlebotomist in which you need to excel-

  • Explaining procedure to patients and assuring they are not nervous about the process
  • Performing blood tests by venipuncture
  • Maintains specimen of patient by using aseptic technique
  • Labeling blood samples
  • Sending blood samples to test laboratories
  • Maintaining logs of patients accurately
  • Verifying test reports of patients with laboratory personnel
  • Maintaining daily tallies of specimen collections
  • Monitor glucose levels of patients
  • Entering test results to the computer
  • Maintaining results and reports, if needed changes
  • Maintaining healthy work environment
  • Keeping the standards and procedures of health center up to the mark
  • Complying with legal regulations and adhering to professional standards
  • Resolving issues of test orders by contacting the respective associated person like physician, pathologist, nursing station, or reference laboratory
  • Adhering hospital policies and procedures
  • Staying up to date with changes in medical field

In addition to this, a candidate requires to have few other qualities-

  • Good writing and speaking skills
  • Good listening ability
  • Awareness regarding health standards
  • Team working skills
  • Work patiently under pressure
  • Keeping confidential information safe

However, to excel in the aforementioned duties, a candidate require going for a phlebotomy training program either in NYC or elsewhere.

The training comprise of both classroom and hands on training session, which is carried out for approx. six months. During the classroom session, candidate gets aware with theoretical knowledge, while during hands on training session candidate gets acquaint with real time environment of health care center that include method of blood collection and labeling, explaining health procedures to patients, assuring they are not nervous and more.

After training candidate awarded with certificate that allows the person to get good job opportunity and work in the health care center on a designated position.


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