What are the job responsibilities of a medical biller?

20 Jul

A medical biller is a professional who is in charge for managing all the medical accounts of a patient. The billers and coders have one of the most important jobs in the health care industry and are helpful in managing the work of a health care facility, be it a hospital, research laboratory, private practice, etc.medical acecareer

The work of a professional is very tiring, as they have to do multiple of tasks. To be a professional in this career one has to undergo a proper training to get good grip and knowledge of their job responsibilities.

The basic job responsibilities include-

  • Verifying the payments– one of the foremost job responsibility of a biller is to check and verify all the payments by the patient. They must be responsible enough and be sure that the patient has billed for the services he/she has undertaken.

  • Managing the accounts-, they take care of the patient’s account and manage them. It involves receiving payments from the patient’s side. In case some payment is due from the patient’s side, the concerned authorities take steps to get back the money.

  • Resolving insurance issues – the job responsibilities of these professional also include filing insurance and dealing with the enquiries. The main responsibility of a biller is to explain the insurance procedure in detail and help to complete the claim formalities. In other words, these professionals explain, answer the queries, and make the required adjustments. They are responsible for resolving the insurance related issues.

  • Submitting claims– After explaining the whole insurance policy to the patient, the next duty is to submit claims with the company. Before the submission, the claims are first required to be coded in a right way. For this, a proper knowledge of billing and coding is required, and for this knowledge, proper training is very necessary.

  • Processing the payments– after receiving the payments by the insurance company, these professionals are responsible for processing the payments. This includes crediting the account of the patient and depositing the amount with the office.

  • Maintaining secrecy– There are certain rules and regulations that every expert needs to follow. Due to the kind of work they do, these professionals need to maintain confidentiality of the account and their patient’s medical history.

Some other job responsibilities include adding and deleting patient’s registration, refunding overpayments, customer service for patients, and maintaining comfortable relationship with a client.

To be a professional in this field, one requires a proper training from a reputed medical school.


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