Aspects to Consider for Becoming a Medical Assistant

05 May

The profile of medical assistant is one of the fastest growing careers in the medical industry today. They are health care professionals who work alongside physicians in medical health care centres. 

Reasons why more and more medical assistants are require, includes-

  • Opening of numerous physician offices and outpatient care facilities

  • Technological advancements

  • Growing number of patients

Medical assistants are trained enough to perform administrative and clinical duties. However, work pressure in both the duties depends on various factors like from office to office, location, size, specialty, and state law.

Following duties included in administrative part-

  • Use computer for various applications

  • Answering telephones adult-15700_1280

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Greeting patients 

  • Updating and filing patient medical records 

  • Coding and filling out insurance forms

  • Arranging laboratory services 

  • Handling billing, and bookkeeping 

Following are few clinical duties

  • Noting patients medical histories

  • Explaining patients about treatment procedures

  • Preparing patients for examination

  • Assisting physician during examination

  • Collecting laboratory specimens

  • Performing basic laboratory tests

  • Instructing patients about medication

  • Authorizing prescription refills

  • Drawing blood

  • Taking electrocardiograms

  • Removing sutures and changing dressings

In addition to learning of the aforementioned duties, there are various other things in which a candidate needs to be good. Following is detailed description about the additional things required in candidate while pursuing medical assistant training in NYC

Ideal characteristics- To become a medical aide, a candidate require being empathetic, dependable, and having immense tolerance level to bear any kind of stress or tension. Moreover, a candidate should have a jolly nature, enjoy helping others, and be good in communication with people from all walks of life.

Skills needed- Besides personality traits, a candidate pursuing training requires possessing certain skills that will help him to fulfill his duty efficiently. A candidate needs to be good in analytical skills (understand diagnosis and medical charts). Since work is required to be done on computers, candidate needs to be familiar with the working of it and its software’s. In addition to this, candidate should be familiar with clinical equipment to take vital signs.

Understand nature of job- Candidate will be working in a clean environment and professional health care aides. Some medical assistants may require working full day, some may half day and some might do their duties on weekends.

From the above provided information, you must have got an idea what are the duties, responsibilities and various additional things with which a candidate needs to be familiar.


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