Which topics should be covered in a computer networking training?

10 Mar

A networking course teaches creation, management, and protection of a computer network. It is a rapidly growing field of IT industry that will provide lots of job opportunities in the upcoming years. If you want to become a LAN & WAN administrator, you will need to complete computer network training in NYC or any other city.


There are some certain topics that should be covered in a networking course. Some of these topics are –

Microsoft Office – Microsoft office is an essential topic of this training. In this subject, you will learn about the introduction to computers, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It will provide you a brief introduction on the functionality of Microsoft office. Internet Training is also included in this subject.

Concepts of networking – In this training, you will learn every important concept of computer networks. It includes LAN & WAN, networking’s functions, networking devices, client workstations, authentication, features, mitigation, layers of the OSI model, protocols of TCP/IP, IP addressing & routing, topologies, connectors, wiring standards, physical & hardware security, security protocols, switching and virtual LANs, troubleshooting, firewalls, wireless technologies, proxy service, software & hardware tools and many more.

Maintenance and security of computer networks – Students will also learn about the network maintenance in this course. Network security is another important topic that students will learn. It includes fundamentals of this security, recognizing potential risk, infrastructure’s configuration, implementation & monitoring, intrusion detection, cryptography basic, methods & standards, securing networks and many more.

CCNA – In many networking courses, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is also included. In this topic, students will learn how to install and configure Cisco routers, to build Cisco router configuration and to configure IP routing protocols etc. Trainees will also learn about the software and hardware upgrades and Cisco routers maintenance with SNMP.

Technicality and maintenance of computers – Students will be taught about the maintenance of computers in this training. Knowledge about basic components, troubleshoot & maintenance, binary representations, numbering system, motherboard, hard drives, maintenance & troubleshoot of windows operating system, recovery of lost files, NTFS files system and configuration of printers or other devices is a part of this subject.

Client and server administration – Microsoft Windows Client Administration (MCITP) and Microsoft Windows Server Administrator (MCTS) are two different topics that are taught in this course. It includes installation & configuration of windows server operating system, management of server and server domain and configuration of remote access.

Above-mentioned topics cover all the necessary knowledge you will need while working as a LAN and WAN administrator.


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