Common myths about F1 student visa

15 Mar

Myths in context to U.S. visa can lead to issues like confusion, false hopes, incorrectly submission of visa application and cancellation of visa. Therefore, before applying for the visa, it’s important for you to know few facts.

Myth 1: Candidate needs to be proficient in English to get F-1 visa

Well, no! This is the most common myths amongst many people because they have an illusion that migrating to U.S., such a sophisticated country means one needs to be proficient in English language. However, basic English is must to be known but it is not necessary to be expert in it.

Myth 2: Limited number of student visas

False! There is no limitation associated with F-1 student visas. Ones who qualify the American institution of learning from the F1 visa schools in cities of U.S. like NY, they can easily apply for F1 visa. No restriction to the seats of student visa is there. Therefore, any number of students can apply.

Myth 3: Student must have an A+ grade

Visa petition has nothing to do with achievements and test scores of a student. The schools and universities in United States will itself judge the capability of the student. However, test scores of academic’s may do affect the enrolment of student in schools, but would remain unaffected in visa.

Myth 4: Part time job is not allowed with education

Majority of visa’s have this criteria, but this is not applicable with F1 visa. Students can work part time, while pursing education. Therefore, for a limited number of hours, student can work off campus. So, students need not worry about their expenses as they can earn alongside pursuing studying.

Myth 5: After graduating student needs to leave the country

This is a common thought amongst most of the people. But this is their myth. No student needs to leave the country immediately after the completion of studies. Instead, a student can extend their student visa or change visa status. According to U.S. rules, a student can stay in U.S. for 60 days after the completion of final degree requirement or post-completion optional practical training. However, this is not likely possible in any other visa’s, but in F1 visa students, can continue to live, study, or work in the United States.

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