A Quick Overview Of Medical Assistant Profession!

13 Dec

Health care industry is a highly growing one offering diverse job opportunities to those wishing to embark a successful career in medical area. The job of medical assistant is both clinical and clerical in nature. MAs are the people who work directly with doctors as well as patients. It is a highly rewarding career with many sub divisions and is also fast-paced.

Features of medical assistance job:
These are the health care workers who are responsible for a variety of clinical and administrative tasks. They generally work in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. They are generally accountable for handling clerical work and ensuring smooth functioning of office. They have to greet the patients, attend phones calls, fix appointments, handle bills and update medical records.

As a part of their clinical work, medical assistants are responsible for changing patient’s dressing, remove suture, measure blood pressure, manage lab specimen, sterilize the equipment, etc.

The nature and level of work that a medical assistant will be performing would depend on where he is employed. Majority of offices and hospitals offer on the job training, however, they must also go through medical assistant training program in NYC that lasts generally one or two years. Although formal courses and training may not be mandatory in some states, yet employers prefer to hire trained individuals. Certification is indicative that the person has a certain level of competence and has the ability of performing his duties rightly. Certification requirements can vary from state to state.

Occupational advancement
The future job prospects for the profession of medical assistant are really good. This along with some other health related occupations is among the fastest-developing medical designations. There are amazing growth opportunities for candidates who wish to become medical assistants after pursuing further training. After becoming an MA, a candidate can choose to become an RN (registered nurse).

Majority of MAs can be found working in physician’s offices. The physician here can refer to pediatricians, chiropractor, podiatrists, general practitioners, ophthalmologists, and other such specialized physicians in medical practices. They also have to travel between multiple offices. These medical professionals have to work under the direct supervision of their senior physicians. They normally are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of medical setting and office.

Medical assistant training in NYC is essential for anyone who wants to have a bright and successful career in the health care industry.

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