What’s The Curriculum Of Medical Assistant Training Classes?

26 Oct

The employment requirements are ever changing, and because of this, job skills & knowledge required is also drastically improving.

Various medical aide training institutes have opened in New York and across the cities of America; with the prime motive to groom the careers of their students and it can also be done through delivering quality education.

Here quality education refers to skilled lecturers, use of latest educational technologies, small classroom size, and experience of hands on training etc.

Here are few popular courses of Medical Assistant Classes, in Queens, NY:

Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology: Basic study on structure and functions of the human body taught in this part. In detail, student will get familiar with various body systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, and others study.

Phlebotomy: In medical field, diagnostic tests are must to be done in order to know the health condition of the patient. Thus, drawing of blood via butterfly syringe, needle syringe, and evacuated tube system is taught to students. Teaching from the scratch will be imparted to students. This includes applying of gloves, masks, gowns and then practicing phlebotomy skills on the mannequin arms.

EKG: This course teaches students about the heart or cardiovascular system. Its functions and blood supply to the heart described in detail. The course will also teach students about troubleshooting problems related to heart.

Medical billing: Besides carrying out clinical tasks, students also need to learn billing procedure in order to prepare bills of patents after they have been examined. This course includes learning about maintaining of patients accounts, insurance claim forms, entering of data electronically etc. These all things are taught to students on computerized billing simulations.

Laboratory procedures: Guidelines of how to keep the laboratory clean and safe, along with personal protection these things will be taught under this course. Besides, learning the drawing of blood in phlebotomy course, candidates will also gain knowledge about body temperatures, weight and height, measuring blood pressure with sphygmomanometer, taking respiration and pulse rate, and measuring oxygen saturation with a pulse oximetery.

Medical office administration: Electronic bills are prepared via using different Office Equipment like Computers, Fax Machine, and Adding Machines etc. For this, students learn use computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.

To make the students excel in each of the aforementioned courses, schools provide Books, Uniform, Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, and conduct Medical Assistant Certification Exam, after which they provide CPR Certification.

If you want to pursue training for becoming a medical assistant then choose the right training Classes in Queens, NY. That is the only effective way to follow your dreams.

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