Guide to medical assistant career and training

30 Jul

Are you planning to make you career as a medical assistant? Good choice! Medical assistant is one of the rapidly growing medical stream occupations. Due to the growing demands of medical aides in medical practices, healthcare facilities etc., healthcare aide job prospective is very good.

A healthcare associate is a professional who have certified skills to assist physicians, licensed nurses, and other healthcare professionals by performing patient care, administrative tasks, and effective management of routine activities at the related medical facility or physician’s office.

Career basics:
Basically, the responsibilities and duties of a healthcare assistant are divided into four categories: administrative, clerical, clinical, and specialists. Based upon various factors like employer’s work location, size of the medical facility, the number of other healthcare aides in the facility, and others, the duties of medical associates vary accordingly. Lets’ have a quick look on the duties associated with medical assistant career.

Clinical healthcare aide duties include:

  • Measuring several physiological statistics like breathing rate, blood pressure, heart beat, body temperature, and others.
  • Drawing blood and collecting samples in order to carry out laboratory tests
  • Colleting medical histories of the patient before treatment
  • Preparing Patients to carry out physical examinations
  • Providing necessary support to doctors during tests
  • Provide the basic information to the patients about the procedures
  • Disinfecting medical tools
  • Removing stitches
  • Managing cash
  • Apply and remove bandages
  • Making call to pharmacies for prescriptions

Administrative medical aide duties:

  • Accurately filling and submission of insurance forms

  • Filing the records of entire treatment
  • Keeping the information confidential
  • Keep records of needed medical instruments and ordering supplies
  • Scheduling appointments with doctors keeping track of their availability
  • Updating patients’ health charts
  • Prepare bills for medical services delivered by the doctors
  • Communication with health insurance agencies

Clerical duties of a medical aide:

  • Answering people for various queries
  • Attend patients on their arrival
  • Sorting e-mails
  • Filing all the necessary medical documents
  • Typing medical documents
  • Enter patients’ basic information in the computer
  • Bookkeeping Tasks

Training and Education:
To work closely with physicians in health facilities, one must have necessary skills and knowledge. Medical assistant training programs are introduced to provide necessary knowledge and real world experience to the students, in order to make them able to work in hospitals and other medical offices. The length of the training programs varies according to the credentials like MA certifications, diplomas, and associate degree programs etc. The purpose of hands-on experience provided during training is to make students feel confident, as they already familiar with the tasks that they have to perform after joining job.

To successfully fulfill the aforementioned job roles of being as healthcare aide, institutes cover various courses during training including Human anatomy, Medical law and ethics, First aid, Medical terminology, Pharmacology, Office practices, and others.

Medical assistant training is the right path to reach your dreams of getting a job in a reputed healthcare facility on good salary.

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