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Guide to medical assistant career and training

Are you planning to make you career as a medical assistant? Good choice! Medical assistant is one of the rapidly growing medical stream occupations. Due to the growing demands of medical aides in medical practices, healthcare facilities etc., healthcare aide job prospective is very good.

A healthcare associate is a professional who have certified skills to assist physicians, licensed nurses, and other healthcare professionals by performing patient care, administrative tasks, and effective management of routine activities at the related medical facility or physician’s office.

Career basics:
Basically, the responsibilities and duties of a healthcare assistant are divided into four categories: administrative, clerical, clinical, and specialists. Based upon various factors like employer’s work location, size of the medical facility, the number of other healthcare aides in the facility, and others, the duties of medical associates vary accordingly. Lets’ have a quick look on the duties associated with medical assistant career.

Clinical healthcare aide duties include:

  • Measuring several physiological statistics like breathing rate, blood pressure, heart beat, body temperature, and others.
  • Drawing blood and collecting samples in order to carry out laboratory tests
  • Colleting medical histories of the patient before treatment
  • Preparing Patients to carry out physical examinations
  • Providing necessary support to doctors during tests
  • Provide the basic information to the patients about the procedures
  • Disinfecting medical tools
  • Removing stitches
  • Managing cash
  • Apply and remove bandages
  • Making call to pharmacies for prescriptions

Administrative medical aide duties:

  • Accurately filling and submission of insurance forms

  • Filing the records of entire treatment
  • Keeping the information confidential
  • Keep records of needed medical instruments and ordering supplies
  • Scheduling appointments with doctors keeping track of their availability
  • Updating patients’ health charts
  • Prepare bills for medical services delivered by the doctors
  • Communication with health insurance agencies

Clerical duties of a medical aide:

  • Answering people for various queries
  • Attend patients on their arrival
  • Sorting e-mails
  • Filing all the necessary medical documents
  • Typing medical documents
  • Enter patients’ basic information in the computer
  • Bookkeeping Tasks

Training and Education:
To work closely with physicians in health facilities, one must have necessary skills and knowledge. Medical assistant training programs are introduced to provide necessary knowledge and real world experience to the students, in order to make them able to work in hospitals and other medical offices. The length of the training programs varies according to the credentials like MA certifications, diplomas, and associate degree programs etc. The purpose of hands-on experience provided during training is to make students feel confident, as they already familiar with the tasks that they have to perform after joining job.

To successfully fulfill the aforementioned job roles of being as healthcare aide, institutes cover various courses during training including Human anatomy, Medical law and ethics, First aid, Medical terminology, Pharmacology, Office practices, and others.

Medical assistant training is the right path to reach your dreams of getting a job in a reputed healthcare facility on good salary.

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Do You Want to Study in the United States?

Today, a large number of people are migrating to other countries in search of good job and better lifestyles. You will easily find numerous students in different parts of the world who want to pursue their education in United States of America.

Education system is U.S. is highly developed. That is why; more and more students prefer to get a degree or diploma from any of the reputed universities of United States. But, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration before applying for any visa.

First of all, you need to find the category in which you are eligible. For example, if you are planning to go on a study visa, then you need check for the visa type that will allow you to enter in America.

F-1 student visa is meant for students residing outside U.S who wish take up any course or training program in America.

To get your visa application approved successfully, it is very important for you to read its terms and conditions thoroughly.

1. Intend to return to your native country after completing your educational course.

2. Must have a proof of residence of the country in which you are residing.

3. One should have adequate assets and bank balance in the home country.

If you satisfy above mentioned criteria, you need to fill certain forms accurately because even a small mistake can results in visa rejection.

Besides this, all the colleges and universities situated at different locations in U.S operate differently. In simple words, if you have a look at the terms and conditions of different educational institutions, you will find that each institution has its own rules and regulations of the admission for foreign students.

So, before applying for the visa, it would be a better option to check the guidelines of the college or university in which you are planning to start with your further education.

In addition to this, you will need certain documents at the time of interview. Here is a list of documents you need to show to your interviewer.

1. Bank related documents

This will include bank statement, assets summary statement, affidavit of support, bank transactions and loan approval notice.

2. Academic

You need to show your course completion certificate, degree or certificate of highest qualification along with mark sheets.

Furthermore, score report of GRE/GMAT is very important.

Once, you complete your course , then it becomes necessary for you to return to your country within 60 days from the date of your visa expiration.

In case, a job is offered to you in United States, then your employer will apply for your working visa so that you can work successfully with an organization.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for this visa so as to grab brilliant job opportunities in future.

Get to know more about F-1 student visa from visa experts to get your visa approved without any trouble.

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Admission procedure in an institute for F-1 visa international students!

Whether you want to attain degree from U.S. University or learn English in ESL school; be it any reason, if you are a candidate who is willing to study in U.S. then you need to apply for F-1 visa.

Basically, this visa is issued to international students who want to purse academic program or English course at the training institute of U.S. However, student studying on F-1 visa needs to go for a full time course that is of 18 weeks. Following are the strict criteria that a student needs to follow, in order to qualify for F-1 visa:

  • A candidate must return back to his residence after competition of studies.

  • To get visa, student needs to attain written approval from the institution from they would be pertaining education.
  • Sufficient financial support should be there, along with strong ties to home country that would help the student get a good job after the competition of studies.
  • F-1 visa holding international students can only remain for 12 months in U.S. after the completion of course.

Alongside completing the visa formalities, student also needs to meet the guidelines of a training institute in order to get enrolled in it. Let’s have a look:

  • Sufficient finances are available for tuition fee: Foremost thing that a student must meet is finances that are required to fill the tuition fee. Without it no institute would allow a candidate to study in their school. This is because of the fact that it has risk associated with it, as international students can make fake promises of filling the fee later on and after the competition of program might run away.

  • Verified by certified bank statement: The amount of tuition fee needs to be verified by certified bank, so that institute management is assured that the fee they are getting has come from a right source.
  • Submit application form: Student needs to fill the application form that would comprise of their name, age, address details, passport number, place of issue, driving license number, date of birth, emergency contact information, previous course pursued, health condition etc. Once this all has been filled they need to submit the form in order to get admission in the school.
  • Submit various checklist documents: Alongside the application form, student needs to submit various other documents, as well. To name a few are: birth certificate, copy of entry visa, evidence of financial support, copy of passport ID, statement of purpose, affidavit of support, internal student application etc.

After competition of these aforementioned formalities, student must mail the application package and other documentation at the mentioned address of the institute.

If you want to purse study in U.S. then you need to apply for F-1 visa, which is especially made for the international students who want to attain certificate of U.S. University.