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Overview of MCTS training program

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification proves the abilities and skills handling a particular Microsoft technology, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, a Windows operating system, or Microsoft Visual Studio to an individual.

MCTS certification NYC is an advanced course designed to confirm your theoretical and practical skills on the features and effective operation of Microsoft technologies. After getting certification in this course, one will be able to exhibit his/her depth of knowledge in one specific technology, earn multiple MCTS certifications to demonstrate extensiveness across different products, or build on the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification course to earn a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) or Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification.

MCTS training courses are available for Lync Server, SharePoint and SharePoint Server, SharePoint and SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, System Center, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Embedded, Windows Client, Virtualization, and others.

The profile of MCTS certification holders is that they are capable of installing, managing, troubleshooting, and support servers with Windows Server 2008 Operating System. They know how effectively join and manage users to the windows server domain and maintain functionality of windows server domain. They can easily configure workstation and server settings with Power Shell and Group Policies. Moreover, certification holders can restore servers from backups. Besides this, maintaining of server resources, managing and configuring remote access, monitor server performance, creation and maintenance of Organizational Units, users and groups are the other things that students will learn through this certification course.

Created to be relevant in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing IT marketplace, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist course help an individual use evolving technologies, perfect troubleshooting skills, and improve job opportunities.

Whether you are new to the modern technology, or a professional becoming certified demonstrate peers and job providers that you are dedicated to advancing your skills and have abilities to take on greater challenges. Furthermore, MCTS training offer an individual an access to exclusive Microsoft Certified Professional resources.

Most MCTS training courses cover topics, “Installing, Migrating and Configuring Windows Server Operating System”, “Maintaining & Managing Windows Server”, “Managing and Configuring Remote Access”, “Installing & Migrating to Windows Server”, “Managing Messaging and Collaboration”, “Managing and Joining Users to the Windows Sever Domain”, “Maintaining Systems and Services Availability” etc.

In addition to this, there are many other opportunities like A+ Certification, CCNA, CCNP, N+ certification in NY and others that polishes your work abilities and allow you to work in the high-end IT companies.


Facts about Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) training

MCTS certification is a great way to excel in the field of information technology. The training would help you achieve certification in all the technologies, solutions and products offered by Microsoft.

This program covers many aspects of Microsoft technology such as windows technology, Microsoft .Net technology, Visual studio technologies, SQL server, Microsoft exchange server and office system technology. There are a number of institutes that provides MCTS certification in NYC.

One can choose from a number of programs under this course, but the nature of training required to undergo is highly technical and complex in nature. Its main motive is to equip the candidates with all the required technical skills and knowledge that is required in a work environment of information technology. Upon its completion, one can work with an IT development company, data processing firms using Microsoft Server Technology & products as well programming firms.

For candidates who like traditional methods of classroom training can go for technical institutes that offer technical training. The training is instructor led and covers all the exercises as well as compute lab work, for all the courses falling under this MCTS program and its curriculum. It involves a lot of test and quizzes. Apart from institutes one can also apply for online courses. Upon the completion of their training program, the candidates are required to undergo an examination for the specific area, they want certification for.

Time frame
The time period required for the completion of regular class room training can vary from thirty days training to three months. However, for those who choose to go for online courses, the time period may vary depending on the discretion of the course provider. The person should always contact a local testing center to know about the duration for certificate examination.

The benefits of getting an MCTS certificate are huge. First of all, it gives you immense skills and knowledge which is practically required to be put in use while you will be at job. These candidates are offered higher salaries, have wide job options and may also be given bonus. All the employers prioritize candidates with this certification to hire as their employers. The training would help you solve technical problems with quickness. The candidates who undergo this course have in depth knowledge of designing and programming systems. Besides it would boost your self-confidence tremendously.

Apart from MCTS course, if you are looking for any other course such as A+ certification in a city like NY, then you can look up online to find out the available schools.


Things to look for in a computer training institute!

Undoubtedly, due to recession there was a drastic let down in the growth of employment. But still there was one such field that was steadily growing and it was information technology field.

However, to enter into the IT field was not so easy. Students had to attain various degrees & training, which was quite expensive study program. All those who would afford this were able to attain education very easily and enjoy the luxury of good living but there were some other candidates also who couldn’t afford expensive training, for them Microsoft office training program from NYC was the viable option to enter into IT field.

Looking at the growth various institutes came up to provide education to the IT aspirants. But, here a million dollar question arises that whether all institutes are good in providing education or not. So, if you too were thinking about it then here are some suggestions that would make your task to find a good institute quite easy. Let’s have a look-

    • Small class size: The first and foremost factor to be looked into is the size of the class (how many students are enrolled in the class). This is quite important to check as usually institutes enroll 50 to 60 students in a single session that makes impossible for the teachers to make all the students understand and vice-versa for the students. Thus small class size i.e. 20 to 30 students should be there in the training institutes.
  • Qualified teachers: Likewise colleges have qualified lecturers make sure that institutes too have qualified teachers with them. In regard to this it’s must that they should have certification in the respective course.
  • Hands on training session: Usually, most of the institutes provide hands-on training session that gives real time experience to the candidates. In regard to this they are equipped with latest infrastructure, which helps students get a clear idea about the computer and its various applications.
  • Licensed institute: Before enrolling one must make sure that the institute you are consulting is licensed by New York state education department. This is quite essential to do as a student attaining education from non-licensed instituted would be provided certificate that would have no value, which is totally a waste of money and time.
  • Affordable fee: Aside checking the entire above features one must also see the schools fee structure. As different institutes have different fee plans. Thus choose that fits into your pocket and also who is good in imparting education. Moreover, you can also see to it that whether they provide installment fee facility or not as in a longer run in case if you are late to submit fee then you can cover it in installments.
  • Job placement: Basic motive of candidates of attaining training is to get a good job. Thus lastly one must check whether the institutes conduct job placements or not.

From all the above suggestions you must have got an idea what all things to look in New York Computer training Classes. So, don’t be in a hurry to get enroll in any institute, rather make a wise decision while choosing a training institute.